#1 Dortmund, Germany

by Love Like Birds

Packed our bags and good to go
Benne and I fit right into this little baby blue car


A cosy drive, writing more download cards while listening to Elliott Smith and Outkast




Still intrigued by this building


Our dear Balthazar friends are already sound checking when we arrive, so there’s time for an extra but quick rehearsal
Sound check goes super smooth, so we rush over to the restaurant around the corner for a quick bite



Being the opener means very little time for everything and I feel like I didn’t get any time to just breathe out and chill

I loved it
Felt like ages ago since our shows with Local Natives, but I’m like a fish, happy to be back in the water
I love German crowds and yesterday was no exception to that
So attentive and present at the same time
Thank you so, Dortmund
A perfect start of the tour

Balthazar kicked ass, a great show!
Dear Belgians, if Germans can show off their best moves while watching a show, you can too.



All the excitement wore me off and I was ready to spend a night in our diamond hotel where the beds are as big as swimming pools




Fact of the day:
Spinal Tap is the only movie on imdb with a possible score of 11 instead of 10.