Fête de la Musique – Charleroi

by Love Like Birds

I must admit; Charleroi is the scariest city I’ve ever been to.
Dealers on the corner of the street staring at you while you drive by, crazy drivers, honking away at nothing.
The air is tense and we don’t feel at ease.
But how scary it it outside, how cosy it is inside Eden.
Beautiful lighting in the café, delicious food upstairs and everyone’s friendly and smiling.
The place was packed and the sound was great. Sold all my jewelry and tons of other stuff.
The clash between Flanders and Wallonië is hard to pass. We don’t share any radio- or TV-stations, which makes it hard to swap music, but, like Roscoe said: we should definately mix it up more.

We had a great time, thank you all.

2013.03.02 Charleroi b

2013.03.02 Charleroi a