#17 Berlin

by Love Like Birds

Godmorgon Køpenhavn!
Kat drew us a breakfast map for a neighbourhood we wanted to check out before leaving. She’s the absolute best.

Our carpool arrives and we leave for our last concert of the tour.

A cosy picnic with Nona, Adam and Benne.
Oh, I’ll miss them so.

Spend the rest of the van-ride making treats

I sink into a black hole after arriving.
I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go.
The short nights and long drives take its toll and I take a 50minute nap curled up in the backstage sofa.

I’m anxious for another bad soundcheck, another unmotivated soundguy, but it’s ok.
This guy likes his job, and Mike (DDD’s soundguy) gives him some little tips to finish it off.
A quick meal and we’re on.

Markus Berlin captured the moment; http://www.flickr.com/photos/90701906@N03/8277634080/in/photostream/

I secretly had to keep myself from crying just a tiny bit when I thanked DDD to let us into their space, hoping that we gave enough love in return.
I think I saw them wink and blow some kisses, but that might have been my imagination.

The place is packed, and I’ve got some friends cheering in the front.
A good closing night.
Spend the night talking to an old friend and dancing to Dark Dark Dark.
I’ll miss them so.

We pack up and leave our stuff in the van, spending the night in a bar called Honolulu

I laugh until my stomach hurts. Everyone is tired to the bone, but doesn’t want to give up. Final hours.
They take a plane to Istanbul tomorrow, we’re taking the van and some Belgian-German friends back to Gent.

Warm hugs, be goods, see you soons
and this will be treasured forever.

Dennis takes us to his beautiful Berlin apartment, a last drink, some fine whiskey and we all get a soft bed to sleep in.