#16 Køpenhavn

by Love Like Birds

Guten morgen, Hamburg!

After a short, but good night sleep we leave for Køpenhavn.

Arriving way on time in Køpenhavn gives us about 2 hours in the city.
I put on all my clothes, I’m not made for winter and I head out to some shops I spotted from my van-window.
PRAG was absolutely amazing

A slick black dress and confettiglitter nail polish in my little bag and I headed out to a shop across the street called Genbrug. PRAG was big and spacy, Genbrug was tiny and completely packed with at least as many clothes.
I love it here.

It’s dark and freezing cold when I hurry back to the venue, ready for sound check.

A very difficult sound to play with, everything feels so weird, but suddenly, during Oscar I see this girl who looks just like one of my best friends, and moments after I realise she has family here, she looks up and smiles and I can’t help but burst out into laughter for a second, losing my thread.
What a surprise, she’s amazing.

After the show I meet some amazing Køpenhavn people. I love how people here make eye contact on the street, and have easy conversations with strangers. I lived in Göteborg, Sweden for a while and that’s what I missed the most. Everyone was so reserved there. People looked at me like I was a big stalker when I walked around in the city, being happy with all the beauty, and smiling to people I passed.
If all goes well we’re going back next September for a Elliott Smith tribute, raising money for suicide prevention.

Dark Dark Dark probably had their best show of the tour. They were on FIRE!
The audience was too. Cheering, dancing, singing along. Fantastic.

We hugged Dark Dark Dark goodnight and took a cab to our dear Køpenhavn friend. She made us cosy beds in her beautiful apartment. Late night talks and sweet dreams.