#15 Hamburg

by Love Like Birds

Goodmorning, Amsterdam!

Tiny bed, soft sheets, warm arms, good dreams.
And the best breakfast! Tons of good stuff and we could make our own eggs.

Thor Harris came down the stairs, and I only realised it hours later.
You know Thor, he wrote this:

Leaving my love behind, he takes a train to Rotterdam and we head out to load our stuff back in the van at Paradiso

Off to Hamburg!

Added some colour to Marshalls tattoos.

Hamburg is stunning. The neighbourhood we drove through had all these beautiful, big houses and the venue was right at the docks. A great view over the water.

The soundguy was a big jerk.
Couldn’t even hear ourselves play cause of the big airco-heater behind us, but he refused the turn up the volume a bit.
A friend asked him again, he bluntly refused and when our friend asked why, he just replied that that was the way I sang.
Anyway, we had an amazing time. The venue had a great atmosphere, it was the 3rd to last show, we knew some people in the audience and I was hyper on Club Mate.
Dark Dark Dark had one of their best shows and it was nice to talk to my friend Torsten again. He was the one who fixed our first German show, in Koln a while ago..

Together with Patricia and Willy, 2 DDD friends, we headed over to Golem, a club nearby.
First a stop at our bandappartment, where – besides a million bandstickers, and some filthy bathroom-wall-talk- there was this crazy painting on the ceiling.

Golem was amazing. It was a Sun Ra night, and in the bar upstairs you could have a drink while DJ’s played incredibly loud Sun Ra tunes.
The basement was filled with melodic minimal beats, and somewhere in the back was a door to a mini cinema where they played a Sun Ra movie on mute.

This tourlife is so tiring that I can’t really go out.
I threw myself into conversation at the jazzbar upstairs and on the dancefloor in the basement after watching half an hour of that movie, but then I crashed.
We all headed back to the appartment and watched Benne do some ballerina tricks on bikestands. He is so multitalented!

We were annoying little brats while coming in, and my stomach hurt from holding in my laughter and being quiet. My mattress was a bit wornout, but my blanket was super soft and the alarmclock went off way too fast.