#14: Amsterdam

by Love Like Birds

I had the worst night.
Mark warned me about the room, he had slept there the night before and ended up killing people in his dream.
I was a total mess in the morning, all the sleep I had built up sleeping in my own bed, had just vanished.

Luckily these guys can always make me happy, so my mood cleared up over croissants and coffee.
A long drive to Amsterdam, trying out the origami apps I downloaded, taking little naps, staring out off the window and enjoying a delicious gourmet cheeseburger at one of the highwayrestaurants.

Seemed silly to pass by Gent, but that’s touring in Europe..

When I was a kid, I had troubles getting to sleep at night. Always too excited for whatever was going on. I used to try a million tricks to pass some time and keeping my eyes closed, trying only to open them on ‘magical’ hours was one of them.
So yes, I did make a secret wish when it turned 12:12 on 12.12.12

I love Amsterdam. I’ve lived here for 6 months while I was on exchange, 3 years ago, and it still feels so close.
Good memories!
I’ve been to the Paradiso at least once a week during that time, so playing there myself feels like a milestone. Tonight the small room. We played the big room last spring, supporting Adam Cohen. Good to be back.

For once, the tables are turned and he comes by to visit me on tour. I hand him a backstage pass and kiss him hello. My favorite.

A blond-haired guy is waiting at the entrance for an interview that’ll be online soon.

Soundcheck goes well and we celebrate with sushi close by the venue.
Such an early show.. On at 7:30 already. Turns out quite a lot of people didn’t care about that and came early!

By rammenas
It was great to see my good friend Laura again, it’s been so long.
It is hard to get Dutch people silent, but it worked out well again. Our shows went well, good to talk to Laura and Eric and spend some time walking around Paradiso.

I moved some mountains to get a rocket-icecream and enjoyed it to the fullest.

Our home for the night was the Backstage Hotel, where – looking at all the names on the walls, lampshades, cupboards etc – every band has stayed when they played at Melkweg or Paradiso.

Headed out to a bar in the street called LUX, celebrated with tons of FEBO afterwards and crashed in our single, but soft and cosy BackstageHotelbed.