#13: Amiens

by Love Like Birds

Going our own ways again, he’s heading to Utrecht, I’m going to Amiens.

We go for toll-free roads, and are so excited passing all these sweet, tiny French towns, having the road to ourselves, driving through green fields, the sun blocking our view.
Excited to play our last French show tonight, and seeing our dear Darkies again.

Amiens looks great, a bit like Brugge, our Belgian open-air-museum. Water, cute houses. The venue is right at the docks

Foursquare tells me I’m on fire! And it’s right. Touring is great. Tiring, but great.

Warm good-to-see-you-again hugs and yummy snacks.
The Cathedrale Notre-Dame looks beautiful, so we run off during DDD’s soundcheck to check it out.

Apparently John The Baptist’s head was somewhere in the cathedral, we walked all over, but didn’t find it.
Benne loves vinyl, so we walked around town looking for a vinyl shop, which we found. DDD CD, poster of our show tonight and some promo for the new Balthazar CD in the window!
Didn’t find any treasure and it was time for soundcheck, so we headed back to the venue.
Really sweet guys, who understood what our music sounds like, so all went well and we were ready for a very fancy dinner in the restaurant next to the venue.
No idea what they were trying to aim for when they decorated the place, but the salmon was absolutely delicious.

The venue is one of the cosiest ones I’ve ever seen, quite small, with stairs that you can sit on, chandeliers and old pictures that suddenly light up like ghosts.

Since the venue is called La Lune Des Pirates I found it appropriate to wear my little sailor suit today.
The show was great! Those nights off worked really well for us, my tired bones got some rest and we started off the last days in the best way.

By SarahEtheve

Met some sweet people after the show and had  great time watching another DDD show.

Sadly, they had karma against them and they had to fix so many technical problems..
Keeping their calm they fixed it all by trial, error and common sense and still created magic.
Nona did an amazing Kate Bush cover of Running Up That Hill which left me speechless.

By the time we were all set and loaded in everyone longed for a bed, and we headed to the hotel, no parties tonight.
Saving our energy for Amsterdam, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Berlin.

It’s so terribly cold! Not made for winter.

Come back to me, summer.