#12 Nijmegen w/ Balthazar

by Love Like Birds

On our way to Nijmegen I find our that I’m a killer checkers player

On the road with my favorite busbuddy

Arriving at Doornroosje. My Dutch friend Laura told me a million stories about this place, and now I can finally add an image to her words.

Since it’s Sunday and Balthazar won the MIA for Best Album (again!), it’s time for celebration-pie!

The place was packed with loud and supertall Dutchies.
I couldn’t hear Bed Rugs through all the talking, which got me in a bad mood and gave me a headache. Bed Rugs sounded good though and they deserved a lot more attention than that.
Balthazar’s show was great! Good sound, good set, great band.

Good to be surrounded by music without any obligation for me to perform.
Just sit back and relax, or dance my ass off, as I did.
A long drive home and my own sheets. A day off tomorrow!