#11 Music Industry Awards w/ Balthazar

by Love Like Birds

All dressed up and good to go.
Carpooling with all the extras, hamburgermunchfest and just in time for the show to start.

4 nominations; Artwork, Group, Alternative and Album.

So exciting!
Secretly we’re just hoping for that last one. The first album Applause won that award 2 years ago, and it’d be the first in the MIA-history for a band to win a Best Album award for their first and second album..
Fingers crossed until the end and loud cheers when they announce the winner.
Well deserved!


A great night. Lots of friends, free drinks, free french fries, free bumpercarts and some r’nb tunes just as we arrived at the dancefloor.
Mia (as the MIA award was called) got carried around everywhere.
Mia in the snow, Mia on a rock, Mia dancing, Mia upside down
The taxidriver that took us home told us that he had a Mia on his windowsill for about an hour.
He had taken dEUS home 2 years ago and they had forgotten theirs in his car.
He got a phonecall from Tom Barman an hour after he got home, saying he wanted it back.
“Otherwise it’d still be up there”
Thanks for the ride, Chris. You were great.