#9 Brussel

by Love Like Birds

Bonjour, Reims!

A short night and weird dreams. Ready for some goodmorning coffee.

Goodmorning Reims! #llbtour  (at B & B Hotel)

No Sinterklaas for us in the uncosiest hotelroom ever. #llbtour  (at B & B Hotel)

Today our roads are going to split up for a few days. DDD is playing at the Forum in London with Lower Dens and Kurt Vile, followed by All Tomorrow’s Parties. Wish I could come along, but we’ve got our own shows in Brussel and Eindhoven.
A sunny drive to Calais

Roadtrip to Calais #llbtour

Roadtrip to Calais #llbtour

Portrait of an artist as a young man w/ @pillarsandtongues #llbtour

Where we give our Dark Dark Dark friends warm hugs, promise to shed some little tears while they take off for the ferry and we switch places with Steven and Wannes who will be joining DDD, and we tetris our stuff into Benne’s car.

Switching places, going separate ways for a few days. DDD-London/LLB-Brussel #llbtour  (at Calais)

and head over to Brussel for our show with IZA at Elzenhof.

Roadtrip to Brussel #llbtour

Good food and nice people.
Half of our crowd for the night were sans-papiers and one of the happiest people we’ve played for.
Smiling, clapping, moving along the songs. A great night.
We tried to speak in every language we knew and learned some arabic.

At Elzenhof by @ssteverlinck #latergram #llbtour

Completely stuck in Brussels traffic, longing for my own bed.
My bones were getting tired.
No alarm set for tomorrow. Finally.