#8 Reims

by Love Like Birds

Bonjour Strasbourg!

A massive breakfast buffet. Feeling the Christmas vibe.

An early morning; we’re making a field trip today. Mark’s greatuncle got killed during the war and he’s been buried at the Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial in Saint-Avold.
A breathtaking place.

Since his whole family lives in the US, it’s the first time anyone visited his grave. A precious moment and I felt privileged to be there with him.

Mark D. Doyle #llbtour

Cosy talks with my van-buddy for the day, Marshall, pictures of snowy Mineapolis, passing a heartbreaking carcrash that left us all speechless for a long time and made my ‘spider’-radar a little more active than usual.

Arriving at La Cartonnerie in Reims, delicious food and yummy presents.


The room was beautiful but boomy.

By @cartoreims #llbtour  (at La Cartonnerie)

I hid in a silent corner where I got a phonecall from Kirsten from StudioBrussel, one of Belgians national radios. If you understand Dutch, or feel like listening anyway, it’s here:


Nona has been joining us on stage for a few shows already, singing along on Sailorboy and tonight we got invited to share the stage with them for In Your Dreams. (I told you about rehearsing a little dance routine in secret.. Well, In Your Dreams was the song we’d been practising on!)
So we patiently waited..

Moments before joining in on In My Dreams. Let’s dance! #llbtour  (at La Cartonnerie)

And danced our ass off!

In Your Dreams. Party in Zibitown! #latergram #llbtour

We had our picture taken by the in-house photographer, I sold out on one of my necklaces and the promoter invited us for some local champagne to celebrate the night.

Bye bye, cosy Green Room #llbtour  (at La Cartonnerie)

Arriving at the B&B hotel, for a minute Benne and I thought we had some kind of supersuite, since we had to pass secret doors with a code and stuff, but no. We got another small, greyish-brown room. B&B, you can try to lighten up the place a bit.. A different colour of sheets could do a lot.
I missed Barthotel, with the royal pillows, now that was cosy (and kitch).
No hotelroomparty since it was 2:30 and we had a lobbycall in a few hours.

Goodnight, sleeptight!