#7 Strasbourg

by Love Like Birds

Bonjour empty swimming pool, red sports car and Feyzin!

I got this big bed all too myself and had good dreams.

And we’re off to Strasbourg

The landscapes were so beautiful, especially with this foggy, rainy weather.
I studied for 3 hours and spent the last hour just gazing out off the window with Oh Burgundy and Oscar & the Wolf in my ears. Perfect.

Slight panic upon arriving at the venue. A big nightliner parked in front..
Turns out they’ve got different rooms to play in and Arno was playing too!

Totally restless from all of our van-time I decide on taking a walk through Strasbourg.

I’m cold and lonely after walking 2 streets so I head back, borrow Nona’s ropeskippingchord and hop around the venue for 20 minutes, remembering all the tricks I learned when I was young.
I don’t feel like a caged tiger anymore, ready for soundcheck and dinner.

It felt like a cool venue so I put on my glitterstrawberrie dress and was welcomed by loud cheering, which made me laugh out loud and start the night of right.

Arno sang “Et moi je veux nager” under a starry sky and the crowd went wild.

Dark Dark Dark’s concert was so much fun.
I don’t know if it’s cause Strasbourg is close to Germany, but this crowd was great. So alive and present.
There was a boy dancing during our and Dark Dark Darks’s set and a bunch of girls jumping around to DDD.

Just like in Paris, everyone was pushed out quickly after the concerts.

so we headed over to the hotel, where we watched a Rolling Stone documentary, amazed by all the wild adventures.

Axl and I got a room to ourselves, so I took the 2 pillows and 2 blankets and made a warm nest.