#6 Feyzin

by Love Like Birds

Bonjour Paris!

Shared a double bed with Nona and slept like a baby. She sends out good vibes, I guess.

Load-in at the venue, returning borrowed drum stuff and getting out of Paris..
Ready for a long drive to Feyzin. A foggy, snowy ride.

Finally arriving at l’Epicerie Moderne, where the stage is HUGE and I feel tiny.

The food was absolutely amazing. So many snacks I’ve never eaten in my life, thank you l’Epicerie Moderne!
Friends of Nona stopped by with their baby with a grandma-made-sweater that I wanted to steal.
During soundcheck it turned out that our nylonguitar decided to quit and Benne started to suffer from a bad cold, so he decided to take a nap before the show.

Since my Black Balloon dress brought me good luck in Paris, I decided to wear it again, and it worked!
The sound on stage was great, so it was a pleasure to send our songs out in the air. I just keep repeating myself, but I loved the Dark Dark Dark show.
Benne and I worked on our little choreography for one of their songs, and if we can make it real good, we might show it to them and hopefully get a spot somewhere in the back 🙂

I sold out some of my jewelry last night, hopefully Patiepatoe will have some time soon, so she can update my stack.
The people who stopped by were warm and sweet and we all went to the hotel tired but very satisfied.