#5 Paris

by Love Like Birds

Met the guys at the hotel, drizzle and hail in Gent.
We took off for a sold our La Maroquinerie in Paris!

I taught the guys some rope-skipping tricks and earned extra points for that. Arriving at La Maroquinerie, memories from the show Balthazar played there came up. It’s not that it felt like home or anything, but it is nice to play at a venue you kind of “met” before.

Of course I was twitchy and nervous. This place can hold 500 people, and it sold out a while ago.
During soundcheck, I tried to imagine the place being packed with all these people, but I couldn’t.

I wore my Black Balloon dress for good luck, and was so happy to see one of my best friends and her sweet aunt and uncle in line when walking back to the venue after dinner. Guess I had enough nerves before the show started that they just left me right before I had to go on. I felt completely at ease when getting on stage.
They all came early and I was speechless when I saw all these Parisian eyes on me.
It was a great show, I enjoyed it so much, and I guess Paris did too, since they were so silent during songs..


(picture by dear Kelly Joaquina)

The mood was right and Dark Dark Dark was amazing. We danced during the whole set.

La Maroquinerie has this weird policy of kicking everyone out right after the show, so it all went so fast afterwards..
We had some drinks at the Green Room with some of Dark Dark Dark’s friends, did a lecargo live session with everyone (which will be online soon, I hope) and headed over to the hotel, where we shared some Long John and stayed up talking about serious and less serious stuff, before we all crashed and went to bed.