#4 Orléans

by Love Like Birds

Goodmorning, Laval!
After a night of confusing dreams, caused by the stories the boys told me the night before, we entertained an old, American couple at breakfast, signed the guestbook (yey!) and hit the road for Orléans.

I tried out the number system, but couldn’t be helped, cause we got off the high way somehow and couldn’t stop.
A long drive through small, foggy ghosttowns, which got everyone in a good mood. We learned about alternative massage techniques and solutions to the not-being-able-to-stop-problem.

A long stop by the supermarket, having a vanpicnic and turning up the Christmasspirit.

We were treated with salads, bread and cheese (Oh, I love touring in France)

The venue was cosy and packed with sweet Frenchies. We had a little privateparty when the bargirls turned up the music, or at least I danced and hopped around a bit by myself, since I got excited. Fridaynightlegs.

The hotelguy put out the sweetest sign for Dark Dark Dark.

I skipped the hotelroomparty and rolled up in a ball, covered by soft sheets, floating on this IMMENSE double bed, and had a good night sleep.