#3 Laval

by Love Like Birds

Woke up at our royal beds in Poitiers.


I loved this hotel




After a quick load-in at Le Confort Moderne, we hit the road again.

6PAR4 is a very cosy venue by the riverside.

I endured the cold to take an hour-long walk around Laval, which lifted me up.
We had long hours in the van, and in dark venues, so it felt good to get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery.
I headed out for the old town, walking alongside the river.

The entrance to the dungeon was locked by a little gate, which I just couldn’t resist to cross.
My heart was racing. I’m such a kid.
Since it got completely dark starting from where I took the picture, I went back, not feeling like dying alone in a cold dungeon.
I walked back to the venue, on time for soundcheck and when the adrenaline had rushed off (I don’t need much to get me all wound up. Just a little scary darkness does the trick) I felt my energy level drop below 0.
It is tiring, touring, every day starts very early and ends late. The whole day in between is fixed on that moment on stage…
But I do think the ride to Laval made me realize I love touring. I am so at ease..
Especially with these amazing people. This is great!

And I’m treasuring every moment, as you can see 🙂

Back at the venue, Marshall and I set up our little shop and I started our soundcheck.

I had a great time, the crowd was nice and attentive, Dark Dark Dark was magical,..

We headed back to the hotel where Benne and my room became the partyroom for that night and Adam, Mike, Mark and Marshall told us a million weird stories about things that have happened to their friends.
I had such weird dreams afterwards..