#1 Rennes

by Love Like Birds

After a short night of sleep, someone had taken my bike and put it some streets away. I found it eventually, and ran to our meeting spot, 20 minutes late..
All red and out of breath I got labeled as Diva of this LLB+DDD Tour.
And we hit the road


After a 7h drive we arrived at L’Antipode, a nice venue, filled with wonderful people


Dark Dark Dark got their merch out, and this guy arrived 2h before doors, just to be first in line.


We had an amazing night, merci beaucoup Rennes.
Everyone came early, was attentive and so sweet after the show. A perfect start.

You can see pictures here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.462353537134115.103516.158637744172364&type=1
and here: http://titouanmasse.blogspot.fr/2012/11/dark-dark-dark-lantipode-27112012.html


(by le_hiboo)

Dark Dark Dark’s gig was amazing and I caught myself singing along to every song. Fuck, so happy we could come along with them.

Cosy talks, trying my best French, that’ll hopefully improve during our French part of the tour.
Crashing by lack of sleep and total excitement, I’m happy when we walk back to the hotel.
A late midnightfastfoodvisit later and everyone’s ready for bed.