The day before

by Love Like Birds

After what seemed like an endless day of checking off tasks on my to-do-list, I met up with my partner in crime; Benne, my agent Daan and our dear Dark Dark Dark friends in between the neon lights of the Sleepstraat for some dinner.
I asked the list of rules in the van and studied them well

Somewhere in between “Don’t talk to anyone”, “Don’t look anyone in the eye”, “You can only watch TV through a toweltunnel and with headphones”, “No hats”, “No glitter” (a rule which Nona and me already decided on breaking) “No opening bands” (on which I happily responded that that’s fine and we’ll do double-bill shows instead) I got a whole talk about the number-system, which seems like the best system ever, but unfortunately I had to swear secrecy.

I got a sneak peak of our new home

You probably can’t see it, but it’s HUGE.
We even have pink neon lights and a Playstation with one controller and no games.
Daan gave us our Little Book of Lies

We packed our stuff in the van, and we’re off to go.

Gotta wash the dishes, take a shower, pack my bag and the rest of my merch and sleep.
It’s finally here!
My God, feel like I waited forever..

An early morning, and a 7h drive.
Rennes, are you ready?