by Love Like Birds

Play @ MOD, Hasselt

Houseshow @ ‘t Magazijn, Kortrijk

Sharing stage and nice talks with Tom McRae and his lovely Amy.

I had a great time
Playing early at Play Festival, replacing De Portables, so enough time to watch all my friends play; Renéé, Douglas, Firs, The Bony King of Nowhere.

If you live in Kortrijk, you got to FB-like ‘t Magazijn. Houseshows (The Bony King of Nowhere will play there on 09.11 ), parties, comedynights, hangouts. 4 friends who rebuild one of theirs basement. Great people, great athmosphere, great night.
plus, I never sold that many vinyls at one show before!

Last, I love de Handelsbeurs. Playing as a flash support there 2 summers ago, selling out the club last summer and now opening for Tom McRae, after having cosy talks with Amy, who came along. The soundguys at Handelsbeurs know how to get the magic into the room and the audience was wonderful.


Focus on my internship now, 2 weeks and a few shows in Belgium and then off!
Dear Dark Dark Dark, see you soon.