by Love Like Birds

We had a great month playing 2 shows with the amazing Liesa Van der Aa, a cosy Donderbar show spending some quality time with our emigrated friends, going all the way to Amsterdam to share a night with Little Trouble Kids, The Black Atlantic and the mindblowing and bodymoving Mauro Pawlowski in his Gruppo Di Pawlowski set-up.
Staying up late, waking up early to head out to the most beautiful house I have ever been to, located in Olen.
Warm food, warm talks, great kids, a tree house in their big backyard, a dog the size of a pony and a livingroom filled with pillows and comfy chairs.

Now it’s anxiously waiting for the vinyls to arrive.
I’ll have my EP set on vinyl and a split with Oscar and the Wolf, containing their AB session of Pastures, and ours of Heavy Heart.
Fingers crossed to get the deadline, and I’ll keep you posted.