by Love Like Birds

My birds just flew away in no time! But I brought some new ones.
Go to Vynilla Record Shop to get your hands on one!

Visit the great exhibition at A&Galery, only running for 3 days, starting this Thursday 29/09 till Saturday 31/09. I gave him some bags too for you to adopt.
And this is what Ben said:

“We’re also extremely happy to be able to offer you the first Love Like Birds EP. You see, if we were a bar (instead of a photography gallery) we would invite Love Like Birds over every single night – twice. She would be our Phoebe (from Friends). Only difference is she wouldn’t scare customers away nor would she sing about cats. Because cats and birds don’t mix well. Anyway, Love Like Birds made an EP with five pretty songs on it. You can listen to them here and even buy them digitally. Or you could get a limited edition hard copy at A&Gallery from Thursday onwards. Trust us: it’s a collector’s item.”

Love, love, love.