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2014.04.20 Tower Dancing

Playlist : The Line That Ties Me

Got featured on a Spotify playlist with some of my very favorite.
Thanks Alice Ravenwaves!

The Line That Ties Me

Ellen Rogers

Tämä uskomattoman vangitseva Ellen Rogersin valokuva ei ole jättänyt minua rauhaan, se on kaikunut musiikkina päässäni, kuiskinut sanoja korvaani. Vihdoin, noin vuoden haikailun jälkeen tilasin printin itselleni. Tämä kuvan inspiroima soittolista on tarkoitettu siihen aavemaiseen päivään, kun taivas on myrskypilvistä raskas, polviin asti kasvaneet heinät heiluvat hiljaa tuulessa ja hylätty talo seisoo uhkaavasti tien päässä. Vuosia kiinni ollut ovi narahtaa hitaasti auki, nouset jo paikoin lahonneet portaat yläkertaan, jossa odottaa vanha nojatuoli, jonka syleilyssä voi lukea kummitustarinoita hauraan kirjan kellastuneilta sivuilta.

MS MR – Bones / The Hearing – George As A Boy / Widowspeak – Limbs / Love Like Birds – Cold Ground / The National – Fireproof / Alessi’s Ark – Afraid of Everyone / PJ Harvey – Catherine / Minä ja Ville Ahonen – Mene kotiin / Grouper – Poison Tree / Still Corners – Demons / Hanne Kolsto – Not Looking / Dark Dark Dark – Something For Myself / Daughter – Lifeforms / Still Corners – We Killed The Moonlight / Trespassers William – Bells (Quiet Version) / Grouper – Little Boat/Bone Dance (Audrey) / Soley – Bad Dream / Marissa Nadler – Annabelle Lee / Julia Stone – The LIne That Ties Me / Emily Jane White – The Demon / Radical Face – The Gilded Hand / Houses – Smoke Signals / Message To Bears – Pretend To Forget / Moonface – Black Is Back In Style / Patrick Wolf – Vulture / Port St. Willow – Tourist / Azure Ray – No Signs Of Pain / Hiatus & Shura – Fortune’s Fool / I Am Oak – Vares Varas / Radical Face – The Strangest Thing / Grouper – Invisible / Goldfrapp – Simone / Cat Power – Wild Is The Wind / Sophie Jamieson- The Weight Comes / Mazzy Star – Umbilical / Promise And The Monster – Sand/ The White Birch – Atlantis / Ólafur Arnalds – Sudden Throw / Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Push The Sky Away / Chelsea Wolfe – They’ll  Clap When You’re Gone

//This amazing photo by Ellen Rogers has had a hold on me for a long time. It’s been whispering songs in my ears. So, this playlist is inspired by the photo and meant for that eerie day when storm clouds hang low and heavy in the sky, knee-high grass sways quietly in the wind and the old abandoned house stands ominous at the end of the lane. The door, shut for years, slowly creakes open and you walk up the stairs to find an old armchair in the corner. In it’s embrace you can read ghost stories from the yellowed pages of a fragile book. 

Louise Dowd’s “Nighty Night” should be at the end of this playlist but alas, it’s not on Spotify.

Michaël Borremans

2014.04.12 10 en 11 Borremans
10 & 11

2014.04.12 The Angel Borremans
The Angel



2014.04.06 Roots

Shoot: Annelies Vanhove

by Annelies Vanhove
MUA Myriam Merchiers



Drink Up (Magazinski)

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet
Make you want to move your dancing feet

Heavy Heart Cover

Happy Saturday!
Hope the sun is shining, wherever you are.

Discovered this the other day, thanks B Philips!


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